Tenuate Retard




30 Tablets
  • Fettarm is the first German manufacturer of slimming and weight loss products.
  • This product works on curbing and filling the appetite in a large way and to burn fat and get rid of excess water in the body.
  • Weight loss capsule Fettarm, which is equivalent to 400 mg of concentration of compounds and red cranberry extract.
  • The results vary from person to person, depending on weight, age, gender, health status, Exercise is a good addition, Committed to specific meal schedules.
  • light on the stomach .which is a preparation of natural herbs ,it certainly is harmful no matter how long a period of use .
    very effective product and content and give you the result that for as you look it up.
    keeps skin healthy and clean especially black hollowers which may be occur through the expulsion of toxins and sediments.
    improves physiological function of body cells which keep the fat burning process.
    reduce the proportion of fat in the body by 50 to 70 percent.
    stimulates bowl movement which helps to expel waste out of the body .
    It prevents the absorption of fat from food and prevents constipation in the stomach that causes diseases and headaches.
    sculpts the body and shows the beauty of muscle and gives you a mainstay thin after removing fat and sagging.
    burn grease and stubborn cellulite and converts body fat into energy and expels the sediment out of the body.
    regulates appetite and controls the amount of food that body need
    intestine movement and irritable bowel syndrome.
    the absence of advance symptoms and side effects is due to 100%natural integuments which help the conversion
  • of body fat into energy and loss of appetite.
    lose 8 to 10 kg of weight during the month .
    save you from excess water and fat accumulation to get the ideal weight


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